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The Camel Man!

Every self-respecting Landy restorer should have some mates (even if dubious mates) that own and enjoy Landys themselves. I am pleased to announce that I am no different, and have a mate (who shall remain anonymous so as to ensure he is not swamped by young, gorgeous and single women...) who recently had the misfortune of being locked-down on his stunning farm in the highlands of Dullstroom (shame, poor sod!). For the sake of the story, let's call this mate "Barefootin'" (some of you will figure out why...). So, Barefootin' sent me a picture last week of his Defender 110 with a bit of mud sprayed, I mean, splashed on it, and claimed he had spent the day pulling Fords and Cruisers out the mud....

Barefootin's Defender 110

I insisted he send photographic proof of said vehicles in distress, and of him swooping (ok, wrong term to be using with a Defender!) in on his white horse (or green Landy) to rescue them. Barefootin' responded by saying that it was impossible to take pictures of the deeds as he was alone, and could not hang out the window of the Land Rover which was precariously balanced at 45 degree angles on rugged precipices whilst the damsels (apparently they were all female) in distress were screaming for mercy, I mean, help... To illustrate to him how pathetic that excuse was, I sent Barefootin' a picture of an old Camel cigarette advert, showing the famous, hunky, macho Landy driver perched on his bonnet, smoking a cigarette, and contemplating what must have been a hard day of towing Cruisers and Fords out of trouble. We all know that the original Camel Man was so good that he took these pictures himself...

Original Camel Advert

After not getting a response for a few hours, I assumed Barefootin' had curled up in a corner to think about how inadequate his attempt at fame and fortune had been. However, my phone pinged a while later, and there indeed was a photo from Barefootin' that clearly was an attempt at redeeming himself in this high-stakes game of macho Landy ownership.... I'll let you judge for yourself:

Barefootin's Own Camel "Advert"

You gotta give him 10/10 for effort!

Music credits: Scotty McCreery, "Barefootin'"

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