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Stripped Naked!

Once you have stripped the vehicle down to bare chassis, one can begin the rebuild process, and start to realise the dream of restoring the Landy to its former glory. The chassis normally reveals the true state of the vehicle, and more often than not is riddled with rust, due to the tough life these machines tend to live...


All rusty parts of the box-section chassis and bulkhead had to be cut out, before the chassis, and all other mild steel parts, were sent off for sandblasting. The sandblasting process strips off the years of grime and rust, and reveals all the problem areas. It also ensures a clean substrate for welding in new sections. Sheet metal was cut to size and welded into the cutout sections using a TIG welder. Any modifications that could possibly be needed to the steel parts must be done before galvanising, to ensure the integrity of the corrosion protection.

New plates underneath
Cross member repaired
New sections under chassis
Turning chassis over
Repairing bulkhead
Ready for sandblasting


All steel parts (all 126 of them, ranging from the chassis to small brackets and fittings) were taken for hot-dip galvanising. Whilst the finish of zinc plating is not perfect, it does provide superior protection against corrosion. The galvanised chassis represents a blank canvas, upon which the re-build can commence!

Collecting galvanised parts

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