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1957 SERIES 1 (109")

A Rich History

In August 2019, I had the good fortune of stumbling across an advert on a local website for a 1957 Series 1, 109" truck cab Land Rover. Not only was the vehicle in a completely original condition (ie, it had not been modified in one single way, which is highly unusual for a Landy of this age), but it had only had one owner since new! I immediately put in an offer, and became only the second owner ever in its 63-year history.



Maureen and Brian Cumming

Maureen and Brian Cumming were farmers for most of their lives in, then Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe. The Landy was their workhorse throughout their various farming endeavors, and still proved invaluable when they moved to South Africa and continued farming locally. They retired to the Karoo town of Prince Albert a few years back, and only reluctantly sold the Landy when they decided that a smaller vehicle would suit their needs better.
A full history of Brian and Maureen's ownership of the Series 1 will be added here in due course...


Farming in Rhodesia

Below are a series of photographs from as far back as the 1960's, showing the Series 1 working hard in Rhodesia. There is a whole rich narrative of how Brian and Maureen obtained the vehicle, used it during their farming days, raised their children and grandchildren in the back of it, escaped the chaos in Zimbabwe in it, and settled into a new life in South Africa with it. More will be posted here, and in my blog.

S1 Rhodesia3.JPG
S1 Rhodesia2.JPG
S1 Rhodesia5.JPG
S1 Rhodesia1.JPG


Mooiplaats, Pretoria

The Series 1 has a new life now in Pretoria, where the love affair with it is continuing.... It is an active "participant" in, and companion to, the Series 3 restoration project.

New home for Series1
Series 1 outside shed
Series 1
Series 1
Series 1
Series 1 on purchase day

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