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A Dream Drive

To keep putting in the long hours, day after day, necessary for a project of this nature requires significant motivation, and a definite deadline. My benchmark time-wise for this project was to complete the vehicle in time for our daughter's Matric Farewell towards the end of 2021, as she had (thankfully) expressed the desire to arrive at the dance in a modest, and down-to-earth vehicle, unlike the typical sports cars and luxury sedans that these functions seem to attract (hmmmm, not sure if this is a compliment or a jab for my beloved Landy!?). The project seems to be on track for completion a year ahead of schedule, so that base is at least covered.

My motivation over the months for banging on with the project was a small dream I had to let our daughter (who is currently learning to drive) take the vehicle on its first test drive on the road. That little dream came true this week when she ably drove herself to hockey practice at her school. I hope (and trust) that she will always have a soft spot and appreciation for these noble vehicles.

Here's a short peek at the "momentous" occasion...

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