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"Prop Clear!!"

Having installed the engine in the chassis, mated to the gearbox, it was time to prepare her for firing up for the first time. A few basic electrics were installed, a battery and fuel line added, oil added to the gearbox, a few warning lights connected, and the alternator wired in. A fair amount of time was spent on static timing, and ensuring the points gap was right, and all rocker arm gaps set correctly. I was keen to get her started easily, and thus preparation was key.

The detailed prep work was well-rewarded, as a day after installing the engine, with my daughter standing-by with camera in hand, we fired her up! The video says it all.....

More information about the engine rebuild is available on the main website, at:

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Tsoanelo Modise
Tsoanelo Modise

Bruce! you are a legend! It was great seeing the project in person; hearing that engine roar, man!


Dammit!!!!! Wish I was there. BRILLIANT MAN.

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