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Engine is Rebuilt!

After 90 hours of stripping, cleaning, machining, respraying, overhauling, re-assembling, tweaking and cursing, the engine is rebuilt and mated to the gearbox in the chassis! The final result looks really cool, and looks like it just came out the Solihull factory back in the early 1970's. Every component was stripped and restored or rebuilt (even the alternator, carburetor and oil pump), rather than purchasing a new one (sticking with the original spirit of the project).

Installing the engine to the chassis and mating it with the (already rebuilt) gearbox went flawlessly, despite the fact it was installed single-handedly by yours truly (with the assistance of an engine hoist, of course!).

More information about the engine rebuild is available on the main website, at:

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Yeah, I think the most difficult parts are done, thankfully! However, the devil is in the detail, and still lots more (very visible) stuff to be done before she is complete...


what an achievement !! why am I not surprised ??? congratulations - knew you could accomplish it . surely that is the most difficult part done and dusted ?


Rob Strange
Rob Strange
Jul 31, 2020

That is one minty fresh engine. Glad there was still that colour left over from the WW II surplus store.......;-)


Congratulations Bruce. What a fantastic outcome. You should be very proud of yourself.

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