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Odd Bin

The first body panel (apart from bulkhead and radiator panel, both of which were required for the successful running of the engine) that I decided to refurbish and spray was the rear load bin. I thought it would be the easiest item, as it is self-contained, and bolts to the chassis with just a few bolts, so what could possibly got wrong.....?

I stripped off ALL body filler from the tub (and there was loads, and it was all peeling off in large slabs!), and returned it to bare metal. I panel-beated where I could to get the aluminium back to as close to straight as I could. I decided to leave good enough alone, and not try and fill imperfections with more body filler - a Series Landy should show its character by proudly displaying a few scars (I was actually surprised at how good I could get the panels in the end - not sure why the previous owner used so much body filler!?).

Old body filler peeling off
All filler removed, ready for priming

As it turns out (lo and behold!), the tub is one of the most complex items to spray, given its size and complexity (and the limited space I have in my spray booth). I thus decided to do it in three stages, first underneath, then inside, then outside, masking off the previously sprayed sections after each stage.

Inside masked, during exterior spraying
Attaching support struts
Stone chip applied to wheel arches

When I came to fitting the bin, I realised that the chassis had warped during the galvanising process! The rear section had "arched" more, making it almost impossible to get the bin bolted to its attachment points AND getting it aligned with the doors and front wings! Much cursing, modifying and two full days later, I had it all in place, and aligned to within a millimeter or two of the rest of the vehicle.

Aligning tub to doors and wings using "fish-line"
Inside complete, cappings on, wiring done and rubber installed
The finished load bin

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absolutely fantastic !! it looks brilliant, but why am I so surprised !!!! Well done

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