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A Good Cab

Whilst cruising the neighbourhood topless (the Landy, that is...) is seriously cool and a veritable babe-magnet (well, I like to tell myself that...), it does wreak havoc on one's chrome dome (yeah, yeah, I know...!) when the neighbourhood is in a hot, sunny clime such as South Africa! Sitting in a parking lot, or waiting at a traffic light (or just the extended journey times typical of a Series Landy!) can become a little uncomfortable after a while. It was thus that I decided to refurbish the truck cab that was originally on the vehicle.

The fibre-glass roof was severely damaged, and needed some resin repairs in places, some body filler, and much filler primer. I decided to paint it the same "limestone" that the wheels are painted, rather than going for the traditional white (mostly because I had half a tin of paint left over!). The cab windows had some serious aluminium galvanic corrosion where steel rivets had been used in the aluminium sheeting (installed originally like that by the factory!?). Furthermore, the rubber window seals had deteriorated badly, but I decided to scrape them down and scrub with spirits rather than buying new ones, which turned out really nicely.

Aluminium corrosion due to steel rivets
Cab side in spray booth
Cab ready to assemble

The final result was very pleasing indeed! I can now cruise the trails all day long...! (the door tops will be next on the list....)

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Looks even more beautiful if that is possible with the hood on.

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