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Marine Blue?

It's still a long way down the line, but it's good to start thinking about the final body colour for the Landy. Certain components need to be sprayed body colour fairly soon (noticeably, the bulkhead, which will go on soon after the engine and gearbox), so having the colour all lined up would be prudent...

There are so many colours I love for a Landy. Bronze Green is amazing on a Series, especially a Series 1. Mid Grey is a personal favourite, but can be a little "dead". Marine Blue is one of the most popular colours, but I find it a little too "blue" for me....

Typical "Marine Blue" Series Colour

I am currently thinking of a variation of Marine Blue. Slightly more grey than the blue most series restorations go for when they are choosing Marine Blue (as in the example above). The Marine Blue in the 1971 LR colour chart below is more like what I am aiming for (whereas, as I said, current day restorers seem to use a much more blue version?).

1971 Land Rover Colour Chart

Wheel rims are typically painted "Limestone" when paired with Marine Blue, and I will probably follow suit. However, if the final body colour is more grey than blue, I will tend towards "Ivory" (off-white) rims... So far, I'd say the example below is one of the nicest examples I have seen, and is currently my inspiration as far as colour goes!

Inspirational Series Landy!

Would love to hear people's views on their favourite colours!

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