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Land Rover Sponsors 2020 Covid-19 Lock-down World Table Tennis Championships

Meanwhile, in other news, Land Rover was out in full force whilst sponsoring the 2020 Covid-19 Lock-down World Table Tennis Championships, held at a glittering night-time gala function in the Land Rover Olympic Shed in Mooiplaats, Pretoria, South Africa on 22 April 2020. The latest Series Land Rover technology was showcased, as the organisers cleverly arranged centre court to be located in the midst of a breath-taking vehicle display, including a 1957 Series 1, 109" and the chassis of a 1974 Series 3 SWB project vehicle. Spectators were treated to in-your-face marketing as their seating for the final was integrated with various high-tech, seemingly random collections of vehicle components, including a glorious display of gearbox parts covered in old SAE90 gear oil, a haphazard pile of newly galvanised body parts, and a static display of what was clearly a high-mileage 2.25 litre petrol engine standing on the arena floor (which they had even gone to the trouble of splashing with used motor oil, strategically placed under the vehicle displays). The usual Covid-19 Lock-down regulations had clearly been lifted for this global sporting extravaganza, as alcohol was flowing with gay abandon. Having missed the opportunity to launch the all new Defender at this year's Absa Cape Epic due to the cancelling of the event on the eve of the global outbreak of the Corona Virus, Land Rover were clearly making up for it by pulling out all the stops for this prestigious event...

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love it !!! how come there were spectators from various parts of the world who must have been toying with lockdown regulations ???? Makes for an all-inclusive world championship though.

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