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Getting Inspiration!

There are many, many Series Landy enthusiasts around the world, and they tend to be a fanatical bunch. A wealth of information can be gleaned from interacting with these crazies, and they are all willing to share their passion and knowledge with fellow restorers. In South Africa, the numbers are much lower, but I was fortunate enough to "accidentally" meet a friend of a friend who was in the final throws of a four-year project to restore a Series 3 SWB. His name is Graham, and he was (at the time) a final-year Mechanical Engineering student at Pretoria University.

When I went to see Graham's project for the first time, I was blown away at the level of detail he had gone to to produce a vehicle that was not only true to the original design, but was even better than the factory-finished product in terms of quality and perfection. His work was truly inspirational, and he has become a great friend and an invaluable source of information and knowledge, as I have stumbled along with my first project. Being able to ask questions on a daily basis to someone who has done it before, not only eases the pressure, but feels like you have a companion with you in the workshop.

Here are a few pictures of Graham's stunning Landy. I think they showcase the quality of the job he has done over the past four years (whilst also completing an engineering degree in the process!).

Graham with his beautiful Landy

Such was the quality of Graham's workmanship that I could not help but pull him in to assist me with one of the more complex aspects of my build (whilst I developed the confidence to tackle such aspects myself), namely the axles. I will document Graham's work on my axles in another post.

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Richard Kingwill
Richard Kingwill
Apr 22, 2020

Graham does not need a paper CV ever. Any decent employer will want him on the team by just looking at the workmanship on his Landy. No doubt a great inspiration for you.


You - lacking confidence ???? Never !!

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