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As I was looking for relatively easy tasks to complete, I decided to tackle the propshafts so that they would be ready when the axles were complete. I ordered new universal joints from a local parts supplier, and stripped both propshafts down.

Stripped down propshafts

A wire brush on a grinder cleaned the mud, muck and rust off them, and a quick sandblast prepared them for spray painting.

Cleaned up for painting

One of the end dust caps was missing, which meant the grease in the splined joint could become contaminated. I welded up a crude but effective replacement.

Fabrication of an end cap

New universal joints were installed in each propshaft after painting. Great care was taken not to hit any of the bearings, and a press was used throughout the process. A small tool/jig was welded up to enable pressing of the bearing cups back against their circlips to ensure the roller bearings did not bind. Each propshaft received a coat of 2k gloss paint once the universal joints were installed.

Painted with 2k gloss
New universal joints installed

The propshafts received new rubber grommets over the splined shafts, and the finished product looked really smart.

Finished product

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