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Axles Completed

As mentioned previously, my axles were receiving an overhaul by a good friend and fellow Landy Restorer, Graham. He had experience from recently restoring his own Series 3 Landy, and has been an invaluable source of information during my rebuild. Following some delays in ordering parts from the UK due to Covid-19, we were finally able to complete the axles, just in time to be re-attached to the newly refurbished springs and chassis.

The quality of the final work speaks for itself! The axle casings and drums were all sandblasted before being painted with 2K gloss black (the casings) and high heat matt black (the drums). All bolts were either new or re-plated, and all bearings and seals were replaced with new. All brake shoes were re-lined, ball joints replaced and brake cylinders replaced with new ones (Series Landy's have the braking power of a Mediterranean cruise liner, so one cannot be too careful in this department!). When mated to the refurb'ed springs, prop shafts and gearbox, the entire transmission is smooth and "solid" (well, as solid as a 50-year-old Landy can be!).

Take a look at the final product:

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1 commentaire

01 juin 2020

Looking stunning Bruce. Almost a pity that you have to cover this stuff with a body. Well done

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