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Fuel Tank

As I was looking for items to finish and bolt onto the shiny new galvanised chassis (and this avoid addressing the elephant in the room, namely the engine and gearbox! 🙄), I decided to tackle the fuel tank today. Paint stripper and sanding got it down to bare metal.

It was in fairly good condition, although the sender unit, filler and outlet port were all leaking (which I discovered when filling the tank to the brim one day, and nearly suffocating on the fumes in the cab?). I resoldered the filler tube, and cut new gaskets for all fittings. The fuel sender unit was in bad shape, and needed replacing. However, partly for the challenge, and partly given the fact that the economy was on pause with Covid-19 lockdown, I decided to fix the old OEM sender.

2k etch primer and gloss black paint turned the tank into something worth of being bolted to the new chassis...

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